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Geology in the Lot

Rich and beautiful on the surface, the Lot also hides some in its basement. Discover the fairy world of caves and gouffres near the camping Lot.

Among the most known, the Padirac chasm, the Pech Merle cave, the Cougnac caves, the phosphatières of Cloup d’Aural, the Lacave caves, the Carbonnières cave, the Presque caves, the Merveilles cave.
There is a multitude of them still unknown.

The stone

The authentic villages make the richness and the charm of the Lot!

Among them 6 are classified ” most beautiful villages of France ” including Saint-Cirq-Lapopie.

9 ” remarkable villages ” including Puy l’Évêque, Montcuq, Rocamadour.
6 ” perched villages ” with breathtaking views including Albas and Bélaye.

Other small towns such as Gourdon reserve you from belles surprises.

vue village
ciel etoiles

The stars

The Richess and beauty are also in the Beauty.

The zone of lowest luminous pollution of France is located in the Lot: ” the black triangle of Quercy “. You can admire the brightness of all the stars.

The vineyards

The vignoble de Cahors is one of the oldest in Europe, planted by the Romans 2000 years ago.

Composed essentially of Malbec grape varieties, it is a vin de garde par excellence which goes perfectly with the local gastronomy (truffle, game and ceps).

Come and share the dynamism of our young winegrowers who will offer you original ideas for wine tourism in the region.

raisin vignoble
gastronomie fruits


The Lot is a country of ” flavors ” that can be found in markets where you can find exception products. There is a multitude of them, morning, noon, evening, winter as well as summer, all to the rhythm of the authenticity and the good mood of the South-West.

Among them the markets of Cahors and Prayssac elected ” the most beautiful markets of Midi-Pyrénées “.

Without forgetting the unavoidable market of Montcuq. Pronounce the “Q” correctly!